Products and Services
The company can offer to the client all necessary activities to accomplish the final goal – 

infrastructure, industrial building, and warehouse, even small houses. The merit of our company is 

to offer a comprehensive service (Design, Fabrication & Supply and Erection) in the field of 

Structural Engineering Services. We can ensure timely project completion, end-to-end quality 

management and budget control.
We offer expertise and services in the following areas of work…
• Design of Hot Rolled Structures
• Fabrication of Warehouses and Shades.
• Fabrication and erection of steel infrastructure of Power/cement plants.
• Heavy structural girders for Bridges and Towers.
• Formwork.
• Site erections of steel structures.
 Petrol stations building 

Metalstroi Ltd. offers customers a wide range of structural solutions.
Over the last 15 years, people are using steel much more in the buildings they create, and it is 

now established as the material of choice for many construction projects.The growing demand for 

structural steel demonstrates the continuing recognition of the advantages structural steel brings 

to building projects.  Architects, structural engineers, general contractors and building owners 

choose structural steel because: 
Structural steel is fabricated off-site under controlled conditions, ensuring a high-quality 

product and reducing the number of costly fixes at the job site.  This also allows for just-in-time 

delivery, accelerating overall project schedules. 
 Structural steel is reliable and predictable.  It’s produced to precise tolerances in size and 

strength.  This makes steel easier to design and use.  And, because it’s at full strength as soon 

as it’s erected, project schedules are predictably shorter. 
 Structural steel leads the construction industry with a fully integrated supply chain using 

advanced technology at all stages of design and construction.  This technology has been proven to 

reduce or eliminate errors, improve safety and lower project costs. 
  Structural steel provides owners with buildings that generate revenue earlier, maximize the 

amount and use of floor space, are easy to modify and easier to sell, and are aesthetically 

pleasing. Structural steel is the most economical building framing material.

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